Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chloe Jade Green SS13 Shoe Collection!

Seems like this week is filled with the launch of amazing shoe collections. Today was the turn for Chloe Jade Green's Summer 13 Shoe Collection. Chloe is the daughter of Sir Philip Green, CEO of the retail giant Arcadia Group that includes Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. More information on Chloe and how she started can be found here.

"Drawing inspiration from dreamy summer days and hot, humid nights Chloe’s Summer 13 collection mixes pretty girly styles with bold statement designs. Intricate cutwork, etching and shimmering metals contrast with thorny spines and graphic shapes."

What really draw my attention to this brand was the soles of the shoes. The shade of green chosen works perfectly with the rest of the shoe colors in the collection. The designs are a perfect balance between edgy and feminine. The pink pumps in the picture above for example, they have a feminine color, but the spikes makes them edgy which creates the perfect balance.

My favorite from this SS13 collection is the one she is wearing in the stairs picture above. The shoe is styled with exactly the kind of outfit I would wear it with. A cute top, a pair of jeans and those babies. But I can see myself wearing this with a white skater dress too.

For more on the entire collection, including jewelry and scarves, visit

& let me know what you think of the collection


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  1. *heart eyes* totally digging the shoe collection!


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