Friday, June 07, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials This Summer! [2013]

With summer almost here, revamping your wardrobe for this happy season seems like a perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree. But what exactly should you buy? As I mentioned before in this post, style and taste are very personal, but that doesn't mean you cannot take inspiration from someone or something else.

To help you make your shopping process easier, I put together a couple of items that I think are essential to every girls wardrobe for the summer time. 

Bustiers & Crop Tops
Graphic/Muscle Tees
High Waisted Shorts
Maxi Dresses
Gold Accessories 
(funny fact: I don't know when things changed, but gold used to be on the top of my dislike/hate list!)
Wedges & Sandals

Now, based on these items I also created a couple of outfits to show you how you can mix and match them.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday Playlist!

Monday is for most people the least favorite day of the week since the weekend is over and you dont have that much time for yourself anymore for the next 4-5 days. But luckily there is music. Usually on Mondays I put together a playlist of my favorite songs (old & new), just so I can get through the day. I dont know about you, but (good) music can instantly cheer me up, no matter what I'm going through.

My playlists tend to be a bit long so I chose only 10 songs to share with you today & I hope they will make your day and week at least a little bit better :)
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