Monday, May 13, 2013

Revenge Season 2 Finale!

As I'm writing this post it is 23.45, 45 minutes after the unexplainable, no words for, 2 hours season finale of Revenge. This is by no means a way to spoil what happened on the episode for those who have not seen it yet, but just a way for me to try to calm down so I can fall asleep.

I don't consider myself a series expert, even though I watch more series than my schedule can handle, I need to catch up with a couple more and I'm planning to start watching a few more. 

After this season finale, I can say that Revenge is like no other series I've watched before. Or at least not that intense. This episode was a freaking emotional roller coaster from start to finish and I feel like the ride will not be over until next season starts airing. Then it will be time to exit this roller coaster and enter a new one. Revenge is one of those series that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning till end. And what more important than the episode itself? Next episode's spoiler!! It makes the episode you just watched feel like it never even existed!

In this season finale it was known that someone was going to die, but the question was who? When they got to the scene of this person dying, or better said us finding out this person died, for me there was no need for a Season 3 of Revenge. I was devastated and sad, but the next couple of minutes and the turn of events quickly changed my mind. I want a Season 3 right now!! Luckily Revenge was picked up for another season, which is really good news since a lot of series are being cancelled nowadays. So I rather wait until fall, than not having a season 3 at all.

I know many people are skeptical about (real drama) series nowadays but trust me Revenge is a MUST WATCH! I totally recommend it if you love drama, suspense and horror (really evil people). Just like a fellow Revenger just told me referring to one of the characters "The devil has a face"!

What do you think of Revenge as a serie?? And if you watched the season finale, what where your thoughts?

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  1. Just finished watching the season finale and I have no words! I was scared at some point, angry at some point, sad at some point.. a bunch of emotions! The thing I love the most about Revenge is the fact that nothing is really predictable. By far my favorite serie and I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!


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