Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Spotlight: Kandee Shoes Pick 'N' Mix Collection

One of my all time favorite obsessions is shoes, which means I am always looking for new styles and (affordable) brands. Happy was I when I found out about this brand Kandee (until I saw the prices). They have the coolest & really colorful shoes. If you are not familiar with Kandee shoes, it is a UK based shoe label, inspired by designer Josh Wayman's childhood candy obsession. You can read more about Kandee shoes here.

Today they launched the new collection "Pick 'N' Mix, which is described as the following: Say 'Hello' to Mr Kandee's Summer 2013 Collection inspired by his childhood memories of his favourite Pick"N"Mix sweets. This innovative and creative collection focuses on high quality bespoke customised leathers and signature Mr Kandee embellishment! 

The design I like the most from this collections is the Bow Peepz. The design is classy yet whimsical. And the bow can function as the only accessory for your whole outfit. 
Bow Peepz

In addition to the Bow Peepz, I am totally digging three other designs which are Mallow, Carnival and Jazzies.
Mallow. How adorable are the marshmallows at the end of the laces? 

Carnival. The color combination and the lips on the toes really makes this design the most colorful & playful from the whole collection.

Jazzies. The bead on the heels definitely stole my heart!

You can take a look at the whole Pick 'N' Mix collection here and tell me which of the shoes you would like to get your hands on.

P.S. For the time that I've been following Kandee Shoes I know that before they introduce a new collection they have huge sales on the previous collection and also sample sales on eBay. So you might get lucky.


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  1. ooohh la laa,, I didn't know this shoe label. I absolutely love the shoes!!!!


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