Monday, January 16, 2012

Nail Polish 101: Cherries In The Snow by Revlon

If you're really into nail polishes and you're dark skinned like me, often you come across this really amazing color, but it ends up not going well with your skin tone. I've had this dilemma for a while now with red-ish nail polishes. They end up being way to red for my skin tone or to bright. But a couple of weeks ago I was at a friend's house and I was trying a couple of her colors. Of course in order to see if the color really matches, you can't do just one nail, you'll have to do one hand full. I tried different colors until I came across the 270 Cherries In The Snow by Revlon. All I can say is: I'm hooked!! The following pictures are 100% true to the color.

Have you guys been through this dilemma? I would like to hear your stories :)


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