Thursday, January 05, 2012

Denim... And a pop of color (or not)!

Lately I've been really into denim shorts. I'm even turning a couple of old pair of jeans into shorts. Basically this look was inspired by the denim short. When wearing (really short) shorts, I always opt for a top that covers the majority of the upper body, like in this case with long sleeves if necessary. Having the upper body covered will make your outfit look classy instead of trashy. Looking for basic long sleeved shirt I found this denim shirt which was perfect!! The accessories just to make the outfit a little more Street Chic.

Last but not least, the shoes!! I couldn't think of anything else to match this outfit that wasn't booties & wedges and I couldn't pick one or two specifically. So I decided to give you all the possibilities I like most to wear with this outfit! It's up to you if you add a pop of color or not ;)


P.S.: for more details on the pieces used, click the link underneath each of the photos.

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