Friday, October 26, 2012

My First eBay Purchases!!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that I recently bought a couple of items on eBay for the first time. Now, I used to be someone who was really really really skeptical about eBay. This skepticism was mainly because of other people's experience with eBay like getting the wrong items or the products didn't work. But I've learned that in life your opinion cannot be based on other people's experiences. So I decided to try eBay out for my self, so my opinion could be solely on my experience(s).

Of course if you are new to eBay I recommend you to do what I did, start with low priced items. Not only low priced items, but also items that if they arrived exactly as pictured and described you would have a use for them (actually that's why you bought them in the first place, right?). Before showing you what I got here are the tips I have for you when making purchases on eBay:
  • Since you are buying from a seller (not eBay) make sure you take some time and look into the seller's rating and reviews. I never choose a seller who's rating is below 90% (or maybe even 95%)
  • Make sure the shipping costs are not higher than the item itself. On eBay you can get products for a steal, but you have to make sure that the shipping cost doesn't break the deal. Most of the time I look for sellers who have free shipping, or shipping below $1. And they must ship directly to my home address.
  • It is also important to read the description offered for the item before you buy it. This is pretty important with clothes. You might think that just because you didn't get the option to choose a size, the item might be a one size fits most but that can turn out not being true. So make sure to check all the details first.
  • Work with a budget! Before you go on eBay, make sure to state an amount you are going to spend and most important of all STICK to it!! With so much cute & cheap stuff available you probably think you'll never go over budget. You are actually pretty wrong my friend :)
  • And last is a tip on how you search. This is important for finding what you are looking for and hiding what you are not looking for. If you are looking for new stuff, make sure you always check the New box under Condition. If you don't want to get in a bidding war, check the Buy it now option under Buying formats and so on. All these options are available on the left side of the page once you start a search, or if you go to advanced before starting a search.

Now off to the items I got :)

The title of this item said "Envelope Purse Clutch", but I knew this would come more in a wallet size than a clutch purse size. And it is so thin you can only use it as a wallet. This is now my everyday wallet and it was only $ 2.91 :)

You might be wondering why this is still wrapped. Because I still can't get over the fact that I bought the same exact bracelet months ago on ASOS for almost $ 15. If I wasn't skeptical about eBay at that time I would have spent only $ 1.39 for this stud spike bracelet.

This Turquoise Skull Bangle was the most expensive of the bunch, costing me $ 3.39.

Now this is the one item I regret buying. 1. Because it wasn't the color shown in pictures 2. The color combination is not my favorite 3. I don't think I will wear it. But it only cost me $ 1.49.

So for a total of $ 9.18 I managed to get all these items as part of my first eBay purchases. I have to say that I totally liked eBay and I wished I tried it out earlier. Now it is my go to web-shop when it comes to accessories. Last week I ordered more items, which will be probably arriving in the coming weeks. I'm not sure if I'll be making a post about them, but you can definitely follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@EverythingGlamz) for pictures.



  1. Super nice. And the tips are great! I'm also pretty new at shopping on eBay. I'm going to check out that spiked bracelet, because my ASOS one broke after being worn almost everyday for 3 months. So this much cheaper alternative is awesomeee!

  2. I love Ebay and your tips are exactly how I would shop there!

  3. Nice article !!! I'm glad u started shopping on ebay, as a frequent Ebay buyer I love to get stuff at bargain prices..


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