Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marc Jacobs & Diet Coke: Sparkling Together for 30 Years!

They are finally available for purchase, at least in Europe! Which of these designs are you rooting for? I want them ALL!! & I don't even drink diet coke :) 

If I compare the Jean Paul Gaultier, the Karl Lagerfeld and now these Marc Jacobs designs, I think Diet Coke could not have chosen someone better than Marc to design for their 30 year celebration. The three different designs are meant to capture the fashions of the 80s, 90s and 00s. Their fun & colorful design also make them perfect for this festive occasion.

This is by far one of the coolest Ad Campaigns I've ever seen for a beverage.

‘I Heart 80s’
Strong, sassy and dotted with bow ties, this design captures the rebellious spirit of 1980s fashion and the rise of the empowered woman. The Broadway feel is a nod to Diet Coke’s spectacular launch at Radio City NYC in 1982 – as well as the designer’s love of theatre.

‘I Heart 90s’
The extravagant, daring attitude of the nineties is brought to life with bright colours, an oversize couture trilby hat and spiky stiletto heels. Marc’s signature swallow motif adds a romantic touch to the design.

‘I Heart 00s’
This playful illustration captures the youthful energy of the noughties. A mix of geometric patterns, the silhouette is directly inspired by the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2013 runway show, and the red polka dots hark back to the designer’s early collections. (Coca Cola UK)


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  1. Love his designs!*
    The first one is so classy =)



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