Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inspirational Character: Tom Ford!

As you might have read in a previous blog post, I was working on new post ideas for the blog. Inspirational Character is one of these ideas. This serie of blog posts will present people whom to me have very inspirational stories to tell and their stories are worth sharing. Most of the time we see people's success but little do we know about everything they went through to get there. The purpose behind these posts is not only to tell about someone else's road to success, but to also give you that push to live your own dreams and to show that hard work really pays off (sooner or later) and anything else you can learn from their stories! Bottom line, to inspire you :)

To kick off this serie, we have well known fashion designer Tom Ford. I hope this video inspires you as much as it inspired me. 

You can read more about him & his career here.


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