Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Style Beach-hopping!

For all of you who don't live where it is sunny all year round, those beach hopping days are finally here. This means that you will probably confront some "What to wear?" dilemmas when planning your trip to the beach. With all the different types of swimwear out there nowadays, it may be difficult to choose. Especially when it comes  to mixing & matching.

In my previous post Wardrobe Essentials for Spring/Summer I told you guys what colors and prints are must haves for spring and summer. And I also threw a little bit of outfit ideas in it for you guys. Unfortunately this post will not be mixing and matching the perfect swimsuit combination for you, but it will be more of a guide for you when you choose your swimwear.

Let's start with the colors. Since summer is all about having fun there is no doubt bright colors are definitely the way to go. But I think prints, especially animal and aztec prints can be fun for the summer. If you are not a fan of bright colors, an easy way to make a color less bright, or make your combination less colorful is to have white for either your top or bottom.  When it comes to type of swimwear, bandeau bikinis are definitely the way to go for me. There is something so classy & sexy about them and you can also get the perfect tan without the lines :)

Like all my posts, this one also couldn't be complete without pictures. So I put together some pictures of swimwear that totally visualize what I told you guys on colors, prints and style.

For more details on the bikinis shown above, feel free to visit my profile on Polyvore.


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