Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Count Your Blessings, Be Grateful!!

Yesterday I was having my usual lazy morning routine, which is basically having breakfast & watching tv, when I heard someone calling outside. When I went outside it turned out to be this guy who was looking/asking for a job. I assumed he could probably be around 16 years old. At that exact moment we couldn't tell him if we had something for him to do or not so we decided to tell him to come back later, so we could think of possible jobs for him. As he was walking away I couldn't help but analyze him from head to toe like I do with everyone. The only thing that came to my mind was that at that age you are supposed to be having fun & not struggling to make ends meet. It was then that reality hit me.

Not all of us are able to say that we had a childhood filled with lots of fun and no worries. Not only our childhood but our lives up until now also. And those of us who are able to say this, are we always thankful?
In the fast paced world we live in nowadays it is easy for us to loose track of the things that are important and we take everything for granted. We rarely stand still & take a moment to be thankful for everything in our lives.
This instantly reminded me of the quote "What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked [God] for yesterday?"
I remember the first time I heard this quote was a couple of months ago during my internship and sadly enough I realized I would have wake up that morning without anything.

This all made me take a look back at my life, count my blessings and be grateful!

On a daily basis I take things like food, clothes, health, family and friends for granted, or at least I used to. Everything changed last year when my grandma passed. This was a really life changing experience for me. It taught me to be more grateful for things in life. And I am not saying that I am a completely changed person. There are days I wake up without being grateful for another day or I go to bed without saying my prayers. But I came to realize that this whole being grateful thing is a long process and I can assure you I still have a long way to go. Maybe it will take months or even years for me to get there, but once I get there I know that as a human being I have achieved a lot.

Being grateful has also a lot to do with someone's ability to give back or someone achieving a lot, but still staying humble.... but maybe I'll write about that in another post....

Soooo, have you count your blessings today? & what are you grateful for?



  1. Really beautiful and inspiring blog post!! xx

  2. Love the post, it's different but interesting and inspirational .. Let we'all say it out loud. WE ARE GLAMY-BlESSED.

  3. Very nice written and so true
    We often complain about the smallest things without even realize that those may be big things for others
    I am super blessed and thankful


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