Friday, June 01, 2012

In the Spotlight: Nasty Gal & Material Addict!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with online shopping, so for me finding out about new & interesting online stores is always great. This is also important as your style & taste evolve and you want to step away from your comfort zone, which for me is Forever21!
Some time around last year I came across this amazing online store called Nasty Gal. I think that right now a lot of you already heard of it since I know that from the day I came across it to now it has really grow into this must go to for edgy, colorful & vintage clothing. What I like about Nasty Gal is that no matter what your style or comfort zone is, you will always find one item (at least) that will make you step out of your comfort zone and try new things!!

If you are some one who never thought about trying bright colors, hot pants or statement accessories, you should definitely pay Nasty Gal a visit. They will not only make you see that these things are wearable, but you can also combine them in the same outfit!

And next we have Material Addict. Do you remember when Facebook and Twitter taught you a lot? Wellll, now it's time for Instagram!! Yesterday when getting my daily dose of Instagram I came across this picture, and instantly I was like "I want that clutch!". A few seconds later I found out it was from Material Addict!

So I went "window shopping" on their website and came accros a lot of cute stuffs. Unfortunately the clutch I really wanted was sold out :(.

Even though I find Material Addict to be a little bit like Nasty Gal, their clothes are certainly more playful & affordable compared to Nasty Gal.

So make sure you visit these two amazing online stores & tell me what you think...



  1. I knew about nasty gal and also got the biggest crush on them! but i didn't know about material addict, looooove it! these webshops are so not good for my shopping addiction LOL

  2. youve been tagged doll

  3. I love both of those stores! You should totally check out our newly launched boutique we have sophisticated and affordable women's clothing and accessories.
    - E


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