Monday, June 18, 2012

The 11 Things Tag!

A couple of days ago I got tagged by the lovely Ms. Berry from Perfect Shade of Brown to do the 11 things tag. Just to give a brief description of what this is all about; it is simply that a blogger tags you and asks for you to answer 11 questions they formulated. And that is not all, I also have to tell you guys 11 things about myself.
So basically this post will be me answering those 11 questions from the tag and also telling you guys 11 things about myself.

Let's start with the 11 questions that were given to me...

1. What's your middle name and do you like it?
My middle name is Victoria. Although common I absolutely love it since it is spanish for Victory, and I'm sure that my future is going to be an amazing one ;)

2. What's your favorite number?
Actually I don't have a favorite number...

3. Do you have any siblings?
Yeps, my big sister who annoys the heck out of me but I love her damn much!!

4. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?
Right now, I would definitely change my location. If it was up to me I would be living in Los Angeles right now!!

5. Why did you start blogging?
As someone who wants to be in the fashion business, being opinionated is as important as your knowledge. So for me blogging is 2-in-1, I get the chance to get my opinion out but at the same time I get to know a lot from other bloggers out there.  

6. What's your major or what did you or are going to be majoring in?
Soon I'll have my Bachelor of science in Business Administration

7. Where are you from?
I'm from Curacao (born&raised)

8. Name a bad habit that you might have
I don't know if you can call it a bad habit, but something that really annoys people is my ability to ignore them.... Actually I like it :)

9. What's your favorite tv show?
Let's make that shows and I can answer that, 
  • White Collar
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Necessary Roughness
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Single Ladies
  • Common Law
  • Americas Next Top Model
  • Project Runway
  • Suits
  • Covert Affairs
  • Fairly Legal
  • Royal Pains
  • CSI: Miami
  • Criminal Minds
  • & Pretty much everything on HGTV

10. Who's your favorite male celebrity?
This may be weird but actually I have no favorite male celebrity at this moment. I don't know if this is part of the process of growing up, but honestly I have none. I mean I have some celebs I think are cool, or I like their style, or I like them on screen, or I think they are totally hot...but actually no favorite...

11. Name a few countries that you have been to..
  • U.S.A. (L.A., L.V., ATL, NYC, D.C.)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Aruba
  • Bonaire

And here are the 11 things about me....
  1. Growing up I wanted to study forensic sciences
  2. I'm obsessed with Range Rover
  3. My favorite color is hot pink
  4. I am a hopeless romantic
  5. I had all my wisdom teeth removed with surgery
  6. I have not moved once in my life
  7. I love to travel
  8. My favorite candy is Willy Wonka Nerds (Strawberry/Grape)
  9. Burger King is my favorite fast food chain
  10. Whenever I have free time I like to make cupcakes
  11. I'm always craving food or candy :)

I hope you guys got to know me a little bit more... and feel free to ask questions and leave comments :)


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