Monday, March 05, 2012

Menswear According to Trey Songz!

When I started this blog, menswear was definitely one of the topics on my list to be covered. I just didn't know how to present it until now! I feel like the male figure is starting to have its own role in fashion, but little attention is paid to it.
For some unknown reasons, the past weekend was filled with conversations about Trey Songz for me. So I went on and did some research on Mr. Tremaine Neverson's style and I found out he was featured in the March edition of GQ magazine and I instantly knew how to present the menswear section. Even though the interview was not exactly about Trey's sense of fashion, I know that most of the time celebrities do not agree for a shoot if the clothes they are wearing does not speak to them or if it's not their style. Meaning that I feel like everything he wore for the shoot was 100% true to his style.

This shoot was all about sports jackets, which according to GQ Magazine is (or should be) the most important item in every man's wardrobe (and of course this blazer addict totally agrees). All the following outfits will definitely look amazing on any guy with or without a sports jackets. So my advice to you guys out there is just take a trip to the stores you usually shop (or don't) at and try to put a couple of look-a-like outfits together. If these looks take you out of you're comfort zone, I'm sure that it will be worth the try. 


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