Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fashion Obsession/Addiction #001: Blazers!

Nevermind my name... I'm a blazer addict. I've been digging the whole blazer trend for a long while now, but ever since purchasing my first blazer last year I've been obsessed with blazers. Unfortunately for my obsession I live on a sunny island where wearing blazers on a daily basis or even once in a while might not be such a good idea. Honestly I feel like this is one of the addictions I will never ever get over. It will be one of those pieces of clothing I must have in (almost) every single color. 

Currently I own a black one purchased at Bershka last year around August in Colombia, but I'm looking forward to add more blazers to my closet soon. I constantly look at blazers on online stores like Forever21 and stuff, but since the fitting is very important to me I'm not risking buying blazers online to avoid having them too tight or too loose.

When wearing a blazer I always opt for casual outfits, like wearing it with shorts, or a pair of jeans, with button up shirts or tank tops. Blazers are definitely a cute way of accessorizing such simple outfits. Up until now I wore my blazer when traveling where my outfits consisted of my blazer + a basic top paired with denim and flats. 

The following pictures show exactly how I would wear a blazer... Enjoy :)

Are blazers one of your favorite pieces of clothing too? And how do you like to wear them?

Pictures via Tumblr!


  1. this is totally true! btw like ur blog ♥


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